Available Pallet Types

Pallet Management can provide you with almost any type of pallet. From materials to stencils, we can customize pallets that suit your needs. When our clients order a pallet from us, we take their specifics and create a schematic of the desired design. In addition to the schematic, we can also provide our clients with a sample. If everything looks good to the client, we complete their order, and if not, we make the necessary adjustments so that the order meets their specifications. Following is a look at some of the pallets that we have created for our clients, and although we can create more pallets than the ones described, these should give you a sense of what we can do for you.

48 x 40 4-Way Double Face Non-Reversible Hardwood Pallet

Featuring the most widely used pallet design in American, these pallets are the perfect size to fit a large shipment of boxes and they can hold over 5,000 pounds. Sometimes referred to as the grocery pallet, they are typically made with seven boards across the top, five boards on the bottom and inner stringer boards that provide resistance from collapses. The 4 way entry means that these pallets can be lifted from any side by a forklift. Our clients in consumer related industries love them.

48 x 40 #1 Recycled Pallet

These pallets are similar to the ones described above, but they are recycled. They are durable enough for constant use, and although strength varies, they can often hold up to 2,500 pounds. The #1 ranking means that they are in almost new condition. They are fully intact and if the entire pallet has been recycled, you can be confident that the three original stringers are all still intact.

48 x 40 #2 Recycled Pallet

Another replica of the 48 x 40 Hardwood Pallet, these refurbished pallets are slightly cheaper than their #1 counterparts. With the #2 ranking, you are still getting a quality pallet. However, one or more of the original stringers may have been reinforced or replaced. That modification offers you a deeper discount without sacrificing strength or quality.

Expendable Pallet

These pallets are the perfect solution when you need to ship large loads to recipients who do not plan on reusing the pallets. Expendable pallets are used all over the world, and to meet industry standards, they are normally made with treated wood or other materials.


Double Wing Pallet

With bottom and top boards that extend past the inner stringer boards, these smaller pallets are the industry standard for transporting and holding paint cans.


Single-Faced Pallet

Although sometimes not as strong as their counterparts, these are the pallets that are preferred by our clients in the roofing industry.


Block Pallet

Sometimes referred to as four way pallets, these pallets can be lifted by a pallet jack from any angle. The fact that they utilize parallel and perpendicular stringers means that they are extremely strong and easy to handle.

CP Pallets

These are our block pallets that are used particularly by our clients in the chemical industries.




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