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We have over a quarter century of service in the pallet industry, and have become a leader in pallet distribution. Our years of service combined with our ability to stay at the forefront of technology allow us to provide pallets that fit exacting specifications, even if those specifications need to be custom tailored. Our use of the Pallet Design System ® software licensed by the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA) ensures that we create pallets that can fit any need. This software attests to our dedication to the finest workmanship and customer satisfaction.

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Just-In-Time Delivery Program

With the clients consent, Pallet Management delivers your product to your location a day in advance of when they are needed. Most ‘Just In Time’ deliveries arrive the day prior to scheduled production. We understand that some clients need specialized equipment and do not have the space on site to store products. With this program, clients’ needs are met when they need them and clients have more space to be productive and pallets are provided as the need arises.

picturePallet Repair and Recycling Program

During normal operations, customers use pallets for many different stages of production. Pallets can become damaged during these usages and require repairs before shipping them out with their products. Our customers have return programs with many of their customers and pallets returning in many instances will require repair to bring them back to their standards. These programs can save customers more than half of the cost of new pallets. We design programs for each customer’s specific needs.

picturePallet Usage Analysis & Design

Pallet and storage needs ebb and flow throughout the year, and clients should not have to waste space and lose efficiency. We look at your pallet usage throughout the entire operation, compare it against current specifications and design pallets from an economical standpoint to better serve your market conditions and needs. In many cases, we can redesign pallets to be more efficient and cost effective. We have found that many current pallet specifications have remained the same for several years while their packaging designs have changed considerably, which has left customers using pallets that don’t economically meet their needs, such as pallets that are heavier than their loads require. Building pallets to specific needs therefore becomes cost-efficient.



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