About Pallet Management

Pallet Management, a leader in nationwide pallet sales and distribution, is headquartered in Aurora, Illinois. Pallet Management is a family-owned pallet distribution firm with a nationwide customer base. We have satisfactorily served some of our customers regularly for 30 years, while reaching out through our network of contacts to continually increase our numbers of satisfied customers. We’ve grown steadily for 30 years and continue to do so today. Let Pallet Management’s trained team of qualified specialists go to work for you!

pictureGrowing Customer Satisfaction

We have grown our business, built around unsurpassed customer service, into a nationwide network of distribution/manufacturing centers. We currently supply several successful large-scale organizations with facilities in multiple states. We have the capacity, organization, management skills, and work ethic to take on even the most complex project. We also pride ourselves on helping small, local businesses thrive. Whether you’re a small business or a national organization, rest assured that Pallet Management always delivers a well-designed, client-centered product that makes our customers proud.

pictureCertifications and Memberships

Pallet Management is a member of the National Wooden Pallet and Container Association (NWPCA). We thus follow the NWPCA Uniform Standards for quality requirements. When required, ISPM-15 heat treatment is provided by licensed heat treating facilities. We are also capable of sourcing Euro Pallets. Pallet Management adheres to national and international standards, so you know you’re getting the highest quality every time. Whether you want to ship in the United States or abroad, let us build your pallets and you’ll rest easy. When you ship with Pallet Management, you know you’ll get only the best.


Pallet Usage Analysis & Design

Our use of NWPCA’s PDS software enhances design precision to our customers’ most specific needs and usage recommendations. We provide detailed illustrations and analyses of each client’s pallet specifications. By developing schematics with PDS, we can design and implement a pallet solution that is precision engineered to satisfy the needs of each individual shipping operation. The results are economical, efficient packaging and shipping solutions that leave our clients coming back to us time and again to design top-notch pallet solutions for each new shipping operation.



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